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Web development includes a list of activities which consists in specific tasks that contribute to the creation of a web site. But we try to keep it simple and when building a site from scratch, we first make the web design of the site (how the site should look and feel), then the client-side scripting  (the programming that make the web pages look how it should be) and server-side scripting (the interaction of the web site with the database); after all is finished we make SEO tweaks so the content to be relevant and easy to read by the search engines like google, bing or yahoo.

Our web development services combine technology with business concepts that help make your web site easy to use and understand. Our goal is to provide you with what works best on the web and for your business.


  • Web Design

  • Web programming

  • SEO

The different areas of our web design services include web graphic design or the visual design of the site, interface design of the  page layout or layout arhitecture, user experience design and typography.

Visual design

Good visual design on a website identifies and works for its target market, gives it an identity and express the image of the company. The aesthetics or overall design of a site does not clash with the content, making it easier for the user to navigate and can find the desired information or products. Our designers also understand the type of website they are designing, meaning a business website should not be designed the same as a social media site for example.

We are also proficient in video editing so we manage to put the raw data that you provided into custom rich videos that can add a personal feel to your web site.

Layout arhitecture

The days of tables and div layouts are long gone. Responsive design with fluid layouts and HTML5 elements make the new basis of any new project of ours. Web pages are well laid out to improve navigation for the user and also for navigation purposes, the sites page layout remain consistent on different pages.


The days of Arial and Verdana are long gone. In 2015 you can expect to see more websites using creative and unique fonts. Typography is becoming an integral part of any web design project and the use of custom fonts will be an essential creative asset, contributing to the overall identity of a website as much as other important elements such as colors or artwork.

User experience

For a user to understand a website they must be able to understand how the website works. This affects their experience. User experience is related to layout, clear instructions and labelling on a website. The user must understand how they can interact on a site. We focus on design for a more universal use and ease of access to accommodate as many users as possible regardless theis web skills or experience.

When creating a site it is good practice to conform to standards. We use High coding standards. All of our code follows the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines and is tested for validation. We also ensure where possible our code is accessible and caters for partially sighted users.

For client-side scripting we use only HTML5 and CSS3 standards for transposing the layout into web page, and to add more interactivity we use JavaScript (jQuery) to elivering rich web applications that can also run across a wide variety of devices.

Server Side Coding consists in choosing and using one programming language from the variety of complex and sophisticated open source or enterprise platforms that exists. We use PHP and MySQL scripting to do the job.

Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so important for your business? If you have a website, but no one knows about it, this website is useless. Website is the cheapest way of advertising, which is available online 24/7, not just for several seconds, like TV or radio spot. But to take advantage of it, you need to actually show your site to people. This is why every website requires SEO. SEO is a set of technical routines which help search engine bots find and index your website. We always write HTML code in such a way, that it is optimized from the start. And it is included in price, no extra charges are applicable.

2015 web design trends

Technology and the virtual world are constantly evolving. Before you know there is a new trend in the market when it comes to web designing. Earlier, the trend was to focus more on media capabilities but now as per the new trends it is all about usability and latest stylish looks.

Full Page Backgrounds

The popular trend “The bigger is better” of full page backgrounds, bigger headers and big buttons,  will continue into 2015. Expect to see websites using high quality photographs and artwork to create the initial “eye-candy” impression and leave a long lasting visual impact.

Full Page Videos

Large background images have already become an integral part of any Web design yet they’re often perceived as trivial things. In spite of this, the designers are not giving up this trend. They try their best to power up their Web pages with new elements, one of which is the video (or animated) website background.

Video is the best way to draw attention. Stunning video or animation in the background can easily make people stop and stare, then examine it, increasing the time they spend on the site, and hopefully lead to more interaction with the contents on the site.

Moreover, the usage of video background could add dynamics and ambience to the site and is a great opportunity to show off your skills and creativity especially since they are still pretty scarce. It’s a challenge to find enough for a showcase but here it is: 60 incredible sites with full size video backgrounds that will take your breath away!

Flat design

During the last three years, flat design has been hailed the “king” many times over. It’s still doing great and is going to stay for good – especially in smaller elements such as icons, menus and illustrations.

Not only do these elements look good (way better than those glossy web 2.0 icons covering nearly every website a few years ago), but they are easily scaleable and manageable, thanks to icon font technology. is an example of one online service allowing everyone to create their own icon fonts easily for free.

The Parallax effect

Parallax has evolved into many different mutations that have one thing in common: designers use page scrolling or mouse movement to animate elements or properties of the page. If you look carefully, most of the websites showcased in this article use this logic. Here are some additional examples.

It’s easy to appreciate Mint Design Company’s creative use of an old CSS sprite technique. The result is an engaging and unique take on an otherwise straightforward company website.

Responsive & Adaptive Web Design

Our each device, be it desktop or mobile, will vary in screen size and other proportions. The reason why responsive web designing is expected to be in trends of 2015 is that designers cannot design a new design for individual website. It will not only take a lot of their time but will also cost a fortune.

Responsive web design will eliminate all of these problems because of its ability to respond to the size of the device being used. Thanks to responsive web designs, designers will not have to make a new layout for different mobile and desktop devices. A single design will work perfectly on all devices.

This relatively new approach to web design allows building websites that are optimized for screens of all sizes: small mobile devices, tablets and large desktop monitors. Unlike the traditional approach of building two versions of the same website (a desktop and a mobile), responsive and adaptive websites automatically adapt to the screen size and capabilities of any device.

Minimalism – Simpler Is Better

The best thing about minimalist (simple) website layouts is that they throw away what’s unnecessary. Simple design is better because it is more effective in communicating important messages without the background “noise”. Expect to see simpler one-color icons, text-based navigation, and lots of empty white space.

Designed Typography

The days of Arial and Verdana are long gone. In 2015 you can expect to see more websites using creative and unique fonts. Typography is becoming an integral part of any web design project and the use of custom fonts will be an essential creative asset, contributing to the overall identity of a website as much as other important elements such as colors or artwork. Thanks to the variations available in Typography, designers have a lot of fonts available to select from. However, selecting typography is no longer a small decision and selecting a trendy typography design is very important.

The End of Flash

Adobe Flash is no longer the king of animation and interactivity. While there are still many legacy websites making use of Flash, in 2015 we will see that number dwindling. We predict an ever growing number of websites proactively replacing Flash with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 for dynamic and interactive experiences that work universally well across platforms and don’t require any special plug-ins or software.